To personalize and build a program fit for you, we offer a wide
variety of group classes where passion and motivation meet the energy
of a group.

Each track corresponds to a different muscle group. Sessions include simple choreographies and athletic movements that can be done by participants of all levels. (You can choose the weight that challenges you.)

Abdo Solution is an effective workout that will help you strengthen and tone the abdominal region. Accessible to all, this class is a quick solution for maximal results.

This class will help you increase endurance and tone your body. It combines the energy of working in a group to the benefits of weight training. This class requires little coordination and allows you to work with lighter weights due to the high amount of repetitions.

Target your cardiovascular system with this martial arts inspired class. Explosive and intense combinations that will also allow you to release some stress!

This simple formula is inspired by different yoga techniques. It will allow you to improve balance, muscular endurance and flexibility at a moderate pace.

High intensity cardiovascular workout targeting your glutes, thighs and abdominals. A very effective way to tone your lower body through functional exercises.

Zumba is a group class that combines different Latin music styles. It’s an hour where you’ll feel you are partying and forget that you are training! This class caters to all as it can be performed by all different levels of fitness. Offered by Zumba Fitness certified instructors.

This cardiovascular workout allows you to strengthen your legs using a step platform. The choreographed-style sequences creates and dynamic and fun environment.

This class is composed of short and long intervals of different intensities. It will allow you to burn lots of calories, but also to improve your cardiovascular capacity and muscular endurance.

This military-style workout is set-up as circuit-training and/or intervals. You’ll get a complete workout as you will push your cardiovascular and muscular limits.

Periodization is different every class so this will affect intensity and allow to surpass your limits. By experimenting with over 19 different training methods, you will challenge your body and reach new heights!

La méthode Pilates est une gymnastique douce du corps qui est composée d’un ensemble d’exercices posturaux et en mouvements.
Ces exercices ont pour but de renforcer et d’étirer nos muscles profonds et stabilisateurs afin d’optimiser l’utilisation de nos muscles apparents et d’améliorer notre alignement corporel.

Enjoy circuit training in a group with all new equipment at your disposal. Challenge you body and experience an amazing workout along side a certified trainer.

Is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue.

Is an active stretching class that targets primary muscle groups surrounding the hips, hamstrings and upper back. Living in a forward facing, seated world, these areas tend to be tight for everyone. Tight muscles can cause imbalance and pull the body out of alignment. This class begins with warm-up movements to build heat and prepare the muscles to for stretching. Most poses are done on the floor and held for 1-2 minutes. Holding poses for longer periods of time and focusing on breath gives the body time to fully relax and open.

A dynamic workout based on the theories of Miranda Esmonde-White that simultaneously lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body, resulting in greater joint mobility and lean, long muscles.
A full-body technique that works through the muscle chains, liberating and empowering the muscles, relieving them from tension in the process.
A completely original workout that draws on the flowing movements of tai chi which create health and balance, the strengthening theories behind ballet which create long, lean, flexible muscles and the healing principles of physiotherapy which create a pain free body.

This class is both cardio and strength intervals. The length of intervals and intensity will vary while using a variety of movements and resistance to challenge your heart and muscles.
Prepare to sculpt your body from head to toe!

Is a style of exercise which involves training the body for daily life activities. This unique sequence of exercises equip your body to handle real – life situations. Most functional training exercise contain multi-joint movements. (Knees, hips and shoulder joints). It all comes down to being practical. You will benefit from:

Increased balance and Stability
Increased Strength
Decreased risk of Injury

It’s a highly motivational class encouraging you to achieve your highest potential with the greatest combination of music, fun and expertise!!

PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. And, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined.

Burn fat and build lean muscle faster than ever, using 16 extreme workouts using power, strength and stability.


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